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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Once a cover is purchased and paid for it is retired from our shop catalog and we only use stock images of the main attraction in the cover once.

Yes, we can easily match your titles with images from the same photographer or photo series! We also do provide a discount if you purchase serial covers at the same time. Series covers purchased more than 7 days apart will be our usual pricing.

Yes, we can! One of the services we offer here is hand illustrated design. Please contact us with your design ideas and we’d be happy to give you a quote. Illustrated covers start at $300 for eBooks and $500 for paperback wraps.

After we have received your filled out design questionnaire, for premade covers, please allow 24-72 hours for us to design and send your first round of mockups. For custom covers, please allow 3-7 days for the initial mockups.

Yes, we can. If your cover is still in the design phase there is no extra charge for this, however, if your cover is already finalized there will be an additional fee to adjust and send you new files.

Yes. We can give you your cover for your PR and cover releases and adjust the spine width later once you have the final count. There is no extra charge for this.

We are unable to hold covers, however, once you purchase a cover from our shop you have 3 business days to pay the invoice before we cancel the order and place the cover back up for public purchase. Please note that design work will not commence until the invoice is paid in full and once the order is canceled, should you wish to reorder the cover, payment will be due the same day the invoice is issued.

Yes, we’d love too! Custom covers for eBooks/Audiobooks start at $130 and for full print wraps they start at $200. See more detailed pricing here.

Yes, we can upgrade your cover at any time for both print wraps and audiobook covers.

We’d be happy too.

Yes, we can! If your cover is still in the design process we are happy to change this free of charge. Completed covers can be edited for an additional fee.

Your files once completed will be delivered to you in a high-resolution .jpg for eBooks (1567px x 2500px 300DPI) & printwraps for Createspace files are delivered in .jpg, .png and .pdf formats. (300DPI resolution, the size depends on your Createspace choice) Audiobook covers will be delivered to you in a high-resolution .jpg. (2500px x 2500px 300DPI)

Yes, you can! Options to add the spine and back cover to the front cover are on the order page. If you also need an audiobook cover design or anything else for that matter, let us know in your order comments and we will add it to your order invoice.

I don’t provide native files for any of my work in .PSD form, nor the original stock photos. If you need any adjustments after your cover has been finalized, please contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

We can not accommodate any type of mockup before purchase.

Purchase of a premade cover includes up to 4 revisions of text placement. (Title, tagline, series title and spine/back cover text if a wrap is purchased.) Additional changes to cover beyond that will be an additional fee. Please note that while we are typically able to change things such as hair, eye, clothing color and several other things, we will not alter skin color, physical features or body type. Please contact us prior to ordering the cover with your requests and we can go over them together and see if they can be accommodated and give you a quote.

After purchase, you will own your unique cover design in full. The images, however, remain the property of their prospective owners (Photographers & Stock Studios) and will be resold at the owner’s discretion.

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